Welcome to the VaKE (Values and Knowledge Education) Web site where you can find a general information about the teaching method VaKE. You can also find materials for teachers and students with which you can perform values education also in subject matter classes.

VaKE is a teaching method which combines values education and knowledge construction. With VaKE, teachers are able to conduct moral education in specific subject matter lessons without limiting the content of the curriculum.

Learners learn in a VaKE-class just as much – if not even more – expert knowledge than in a traditional class. Moreover they develop a better understanding of values, which also positively affects their social environment.

The VaKE concept is based on the principles of constructivism. Learners are not spoon-fed values and knowledge, but rather the autonomous learning is in the foreground. Learners deal intensively with different problem areas. Thereby the autonomous and self-organized learning is in the front, not the procurement of knowledge and values by the teacher.

Based on a value conflict, which is presented in a dilemma story, learners are sensitized for values, and they construct their knowledge by themselves.

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